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  • Worth Every Penny

    I’ve never spent more than $10 on fake nails before so I was a bit skeptical on purchasing ones about $20! It’s be over 24 hours of wearing them but I really love them so far! I’ve never had ones stay PUT this long before which is saying a lot. Perfect experience! I’ll keep ordering from Nobody Nails! I love these nails!

  • These Are Perfect

    The design is nice and elegant! Prompt & accurate service! And it takes a lot for these to come off, other brands only last a few days for me, even with glue, will definitely purchase again!

  • Best Press Ons Ever

    These nails are so amazing. I’ve been using press one for a while now and have been searching for the perfect press on. These are it. It’s so easy to glue it back on, I think it’s to be expected with press on. These are so so so worth the price. I’ve even reshaped them and they are just so beautiful. Seriously such a great product.

  • Better Than The Nail Salons

    This has been the best thing I have done for myself in ages and the nails are truly the best and look more natural than the salons! 10/10 would recommend!

  • Sturdy & Durable

    These nails are the sturdiest nails I've ever own. I accidentally caught a finger in my car door, no damage to nail at all. Not a crack. Not even any lifting for regluing. I won't go back to using other fake nails. These are durable and inexpensive compared to other brands. Choose Nobody Nails!

  • Loveeee Them

    This set of nails are very pretty! The sizes are also perfect for anyone with small and long nails. However, I did struggle when removing them. I followed the removal instructions but took me forever until I was able to remove each of them. This is not really a criticism but a praise for selling a solid product. Highly recommend!

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