About Us


Nobody Nails was founded by Juno who was growing up in East Asia. During her childhood, little Juno was always taught that girls should not dress up nicely. A girl would be judged if she having makeup or getting their nails done. After growing up, Juno realized that she had been living under the sexual gaze of the male dominated society, which were actually used to restrain women with spiritual control. After that, she decided to do something for women community, helping women waking up and be independent.

Today Juno bravely said goodbye to the girl who had always wanted to be beautiful but dared not show it. In 2022, she founded Nobody Nails to start her first business, which aims to make all women to be independent, confident, brave and beautiful. In addition, Juno is trying to get all the women out of the environment where they grew up, and enables them to find self-confidence, be spiritually independent, and be brave to express themselves in real life. 

Be beautiful, be yourself. For nobody, for yourself. The inspiration of this slogan came from the stories of Juno. Hope every girl enjoy their wonderful life with our amazing products. 

We are determined to help girls find their own style and show their confindence in any occassions.

We are a millennial generation team that always pays attention to the latest fashion and hip-hop culture. We would like to express our original insights into the fashion trend. From building an idea of turning it into a real product, our team members always accomplish their job beautifully, and with surprising speed.

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